270 Dark Black 9ml
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270 Dark Black 9ml

Ny flaska med lock.

Black 270: On its own this colour is perfect for eyelash enhancements.
Black 270 + Green 240: This mixture can be used for eyeliners to create a spectacular shaded effect. 

Black 270: Perfect as a basic black for eyeliners and eyelash enhancements.
Black 270 + Highlight 540: Ideal when you want to obtain a dark gray tone, for those clients who do not want an intense black (clear eyes, fair-haired hair, etc.).
Black 270 + CC 700: It is used with the same purpose as the previous mixture, but in this case the gray that is obtained is more clear.
Black 270 + Brown 175: I think this is an ideal blend to achieve a dark brown which is slightly less intense as a pure black.
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